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Advanced W2W Technology
for Mobile Wireless
W2W develops novel proprietary technology into consumer-driven Internet,wired and wireless applications, self-deploys, and creates new markets for the entertainment and messaging industries.
LinkPush LinkPush - Receive an alert and informative push/MMS messages describing music, video, email or voicemail. Click to retrieve, play, display or send it to another phone or computer.
TalkBack / VoiceBack TalkBack/VoiceBack - Receive visual messages, such as Pushed Visual Voicemail alerts on a smart phone or other paging devices and effortlessly press a key to record and send a voice reply.

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Soft Erase Soft Erase - Delete stored files from a wireless device, such as large media files, to conserve memory and then recover the deleted files wirelessly.
User Interface User Interface - A smart play button on a wireless device plays media if stored locally or it wirelessly locates and plays the media when stored remotely.
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